The Spring Performance is an exciting event in the school calendar. Student actors, directors, and musicians are transported to the Kay Meek Theatre along with numerous sets, props and costumes. Families gather to watch, as nervous pupils bring weeks of preparatory work to its dramatic conclusion.

Recently, the Upper Elementary students took time to reflect on the process of putting on the 2015 production, The Detectives. Here, in the students’ own words, we can see just how many important life lessons were experienced first hand.


Confidence is built over time

I had the role of the adult newsreader…I got to say three lines. This was significantly better than other school performances, and next time I want to have an even bigger part. (Jake – Grade 5)


Taking risks helps to build confidence

It was my first time with a speaking part…I was a little nervous at first. But when the day came it was fun. Next year I want to have a larger speaking part (Evan – Grade 4)


Giving out the flowers at the end…was hard because I didn’t know what to say but then I said something and it was OK. (Nija – Grade 4)


I just gathered all my courage and went for it…next year I would like to have a bigger speaking part. (Isabel – Grade 4)


Co-operation helps when working to deadlines

I found it hard getting all the props ready for the dress rehearsal…Olivia and I got help with making and moving the props…Next time, I will know how everything works. (LeeLee – Grade 5)


Overcoming challenges is extremely rewarding

Being Hairy…was challenging…I managed to do it by holding the mic in my fractured hand and run into the wall with the other. My goal for the next play is to get a bigger part (Jacob – Grade 4)


My cast was somehow hard to control…I overcame those challenges by creating a hockey game in the actors minds, if they behaved, they scored the winning goal…At the end of the play, I could happily say that it was great! (Jalen – Grade 5)


Trying new skills helps us recognize expertise in others

I think that the best part of the play was the part that had been adapted from a Robert Munsch book…[W]riting a script from scratch is really hard. (Nia – Grade 5)


The audio and lighting were brilliant. I really like the shade of blue they used for the flooding (Jake – Grade 5)


I think the hardest challenge was…to find the right sound effects. We… [got] help from Andrew, a professional music teacher. (Nia – Grade 5)


Practice makes perfect

One of the challenges I faced this year was memorizing my lines…I overcame the challenge by practicing my lines three days a week. (Asha – Grade 4)


It was really hard to get used to the microphone but by playtime I did. (Oliver – Grade 4)


The students were able to experience all of this whilst having fun and gaining a tremendous sense of satisfaction

I think ‘The Detectives’ was superb (Shanti – Grade 5)


It was a success because the Upper Elementary [was] trying to write a comedy and we made the audience laugh. (Isabel – Grade 4)


I think the 2015 performance was the best. (Leelee – Grade 5)

Congratulations to all those who took part.

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