What a fantastic day!  We packed a lot into the day today and are going to sleep well tonight!  We started off  at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum.

There were plenty of hands-on experiences to be had and things to be learned.  If you have any questions about the forces affecting an aircraft, these two are qualified to answer your questions!

As if the aviation part of the museum wasn’t good enough, there is a visiting exhibit currently on called, Star Wars:  Identities.  This was a highlight, for sure!  In addition to 200 objects on display from the Star Wars films, this interactive exhibit sent us on a identity quest where we explored the characters and the things that shaped them. In doing this, we were asked questions along the way, the answers to which were stored in bracelets we were wearing.  When we got to the end of the quest, our own Star Wars characters were revealed to us.  It was interesting to learn about what influences our personalities, what our choice of friends says about us, and the importance of mentors.  

We also visited the Canadian Museum of Nature today.  If you are ever in Ottawa, we highly recommend seeing it for yourself.  There was so much to see and do.  Dinosaurs, sea life, birds, flowers, rocks and minerals were featured in amazing detail.  The children got to simulate an earthquake, experience the winds of a hurricane, set-off a volcano and take in a magnificent collection of rocks and minerals from around the world.

We rounded out the day with a ‘night swim’ in the hotel pool.  Tomorrow, the weather is meant to clear up and we are planning to visit Parliament Hill!