North Star has had the pleasure over the past two weeks to host and support Hanako Shimamura, former North Star Montessori Head Teacher, now doctorate student at the Department of Education at the University of Oxford, in her research and data collection for her PhD dissertation.

Her research topic- Teacher-Child Relationships, Self-Regulation, Social-Emotional Skills, and Academic Achievement in Preschools, aims to determine the benefits of different preschool programs and to examine the role of the quality of teacher-child relationships, self-regulation, and social-emotional skills in promoting early academic achievement and how these factors are affecting one another.

Hanako’s data was collected at North Star through a variety of sources: teacher and parent questionnaires, classroom observations and direct assessment of children on their self-regulation and cognitive skills. Children (4 year olds) were asked to complete tasks assessing self-regulation skills, cognitive ability and early literacy and numeracy achievement.

North Star Montessori, always working in the best of interest of children, was happy to contribute to a project that aims at deepening knowledge about the effectiveness and importance of early childhood education programs and that can shed light on the impact of student-teacher interactions on child development.

We look forward to welcoming Hanako back in the Spring for her follow up visit.

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