There is a parent webinar for parents and teachers of children in the Casa titled, ‘Finding Motivation the Montessori Way’.  It is hosted by Maren Schmidt author of the book, Understanding Montessori, and founder of ‘KidsTalk’.  The webinar is being held on Thursday, November 1st from 4:00-4:45pm.  

Motivation is too often thought of in terms of carrot and stick methods of rewards and punishments. Join Maren as she shares how self-motivation develops the Montessori Way.  

 During this complimentary no-fee webinar the following will be addressed:

  • Why rewards and punishments rarely motivate behavior for the long term
  • What three psychological needs motivate each of us to be our best
  • How Montessori environments of school and home support these three critical needs

You can register by clicking the link below