A Glimpse at the Last Two Months in the Cypress Room

Lots of energy and excitement filled the Cypress Room in early September, in anticipation for the new school year to begin. Teachers rearranged furniture, materials were organized, pencils were sharpened, names were put on folders and the bulletin board was decorated. Soon the children would be arriving!

The following week classes were in session! The days flew by very quickly as new Casa children transitioned into their classroom through the gradual entry process. At the same time, returning Casa children were re-orientating themselves to their already familiar environment.

As the weeks went by several individual and group presentations were given to the children. New friendships were forming and purposeful work was taking place. In addition, children were learning the Montessori ground rules through grace and courtesy lessons. Children engaged in a variety of work in all areas of the Montessori classroom including art, snack preparation and how to keep our classroom tidy.

During circle time we sang interactive songs together and had story time. In addition, we celebrated birthdays and had group snacks together. Recently, we enjoyed Princess and Pirates day on Friday, October 30 to celebrate Halloween. What a wonderful way to end of the week with some homemade pumpkin spice muffins!

As a new month begins, I look forward to working with your child in the months to come. I am excited about this year of learning through discovery. I will do my best to ensure your child feels safe, respected and challenged in our classroom.

I want to thank the North Star staff and parents for their warm welcome and support. It is an honor to be at a school that is always working in the best interest of the child.

Let the journey continue…

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