1325 East Keith Road, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 1J3
At the North Shore Winter Club (On Lynnmouth Avenue)

Tel: 604-980-1205
After School Care: 604-980-1243
Fax: 604 980-1805
([email protected]) admin (at) northstarmontessori (dot) ca

North Star Montessori leases space in the North Shore Winter Club. Set in a modern facility, many of the classrooms feature large windows to let in natural light and a view of the mountains.  The school features four large classrooms.  Other rooms include a coat room and locker area, after-school care room, Infant- Toddler room, staff room and office area.  The school has access to some of the NSWC’s sports facilities, as well as parkade.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

Casa (Preschool)

Extended- Day Kindergarten
8:30am – 3pm

8:15am – 3:15pm

After School Care
3:00pm – 6pm

Infant- Toddler
Hours vary per session

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