Willem Young, former North Star Graduate, is one of three creators/participants in a passion project to support students from a Ghanian orphanage, in attending High School.  Willem and his two friends are planning to put their talents to a compassionate use by raising funds through a triathlon of their own making.  

They’ve been responsible for all aspects of the event including planning the route, finding gear, contacting the necessary authorities, training, putting safety measures in place and soliciting donations for the cause.  The young men (13 and 14 years old!) hope to raise $10,000 from their ‘Tri4Ghana’ event.  

I am so proud to see that Willem continues to express the compassion, motivation, initiative and planning skills he practiced on a regular basis in his elementary years.  With age, maturity, and a continued effort to refine his skill set, Willem’s projects have gone from organizing a ‘Fun Day’ for the  younger children at North Star and planning fundraisers for the Montessori Model United Nations program, to taking on a large scale initiative with an international focus!

Willem will be dropping by to give a presentation to the North Star parents in the coming weeks.

Follow the link below for a recent newspaper article on the event.