The Aid to Life Education classes at North Star offer parents the opportunity to come and learn alongside their child in a Montessori Toddler environment, specially designed for children under three years old. Once per week, children from the Upper Elementary Class come and volunteer in the ATL classroom, benefiting both the younger and the older children immensely. The younger children look up to these role models and listen attentively at what they have to say. The older children get to experience teaching the very young, and how flexible one must be when working with toddlers!

The little ones in the Aid to Life program LOVE it when one of the ‘big kids’ comes to visit and each child gets to take a turn working with him/her. This allows the parent time to sit back, observe, and make a well-deserved cup of tea! The older children help with language lessons (naming objects, colours, etc.), art activities, practical life, read stories, or simply ‘hang out’ and chat to the toddler that they are working with.

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