Book:             If Buddha Had Kids

Author:          Charlotte Kasl

Rating: 5/5

  • The themes and beliefs that come through in this book align very closely to Montessori principles. Kasl integrates Buddhist and Quaker teachings, but this book isn’t preachy. It’s grounded, funny and one of the most accessible parenting books that I’ve read in a long time.


What I liked best:

Useful insights and examples. I could see my family’s difficult moments in her stories, yet I never felt her advice was unreachable. Often with parenting books the stories are so organized and my family never reacts the way they are supposed to in the books. In this book, it was real and not always sweet and wonderful. Kasl is pragmatic and practical. Her stories inspired me in a way that felt reachable to make small changes in how I deal with many situations – not just with my children – providing the positive examples and language to model. The self-exploration lists are quite helpful.


What I liked least:

n/a. It is an easy and enjoyable read.


Who should read this book?

This book could go hand in hand with Mindful Parent, Happy Child. Read this one first as a warm up, then use Mindful Parent for the personal growth exercises.