The students in Year 6 & 7 have been working with local Vancouver artist, Deb Chaney, to prepare some of the art pieces that will be on display at the upcoming Holiday Celebration & Elementary Art Auction.  This event is one of the two larger fundraisers the children will be organizing to raise funds for the trip to New York.  

The students attended these workshops with the sole intention of creating one painting each for the auction, but after only two sessions, gained an understanding of colour mixing, different mediums and abstract art.  They found it interesting to visit and paint in, a working artist’s studio.  The freedom and flow of the children’s practice was amazing and even those students whose passion lay outside of visual arts, were both inspired and inspiring.  The technique, choice of colour, style, theme and overall aesthetic were completely different for each child.  Deb commented that “the remarkable diversity of the children’s work is a result of the encouragement they receive at school to think for themselves and follow their own interests.”  

The final pieces will be completed this week after our final visit to the studio, but the creative juices will continue to flow long after the auction is over!