Why North Star

North Star Montessori provides an education that is as unique as your child. As an authentic Montessori school and community, we offer a truly integrated approach to education.  Knowing that people thrive and engage in an environment that is prepared, enriched, supportive and respectful, North Star provides a non-coercive learning atmosphere where students are inspired, self-motivated, self-directed and held accountable for their actions.

At North Star we nurture intrinsic motivation to build critical thinking skills. While there is a set curriculum, we follow the child’s interests and encourage the children to generate their own ideas for follow through.  At the elementary level each child is supported in completing work in a timely manner.  Children grow into creating an independent and balanced work plan each week and maintaining a daily log of work completed.  If students do not complete their work on time, they begin to self- evaluate what prevented them from doing so, what they can do differently next time, and how they are going to rectify the current situation.  These critical thinking and planning skills prepare children for life and serve them long after they leave the walls of academia.

The ability to constructively self-evaluate also plays an important role in Character Education at North Star.  In a mixed-age grouping where children are completing the Montessori and Ministry curriculums at their own pace, they learn at an early age that people have different areas of strength and difficulty.   In the collaborative and socially cohesive Montessori classroom environment, we celebrate strengths and over-come difficulties through encouragement, peer and teacher support, and effort.

The healthy development of the ‘whole child’ is important to North Star so it is only fitting that the school has a healthy foods policy for both Casa and Elementary.  For children that are at school for the full day, we offer a diverse and enriched physical education component.  In addition to daily outdoor play and the Ministry mandated Daily Physical Activity, students participate in a variety of fitness activities that can include rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, marital arts, yoga and dance.

An awareness of the environment and how children can do their part to protect and preserve it is part of North Star’s everyday practice.  From recycling and litterless lunches to water conservation and composting projects, the students not only talk about the ways they can help save the planet, they practice them daily!

The Montessori program allows children to practice their skills from lessons in a ‘real world’ context.  Applying skills learned in this way gives the students the opportunity to experience first hand the importance, relevance and effectiveness of their learning.  At the Casa level this is done through various exercises within the walls of the classroom while in the elementary, the earlier foundation allows for children to take on more things within the community outside of the school.

Enriched, nurturing and inspiring- come walk the halls and get a sense of the absorbed and active learning that takes place each day at North Star. In a world where the top ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004, we are striving to provide our students with the tools they will need to navigate tomorrow’s world.