It was with great anticipation that I attended the Silent Journey Education Night in the CASA classrooms on the evening of September 26th. As an educator in the public school system, and parent of a 4 year old North Star student, I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the somewhat perplexing array of manipulatives and ‘areas’ in the CASA classrooms. What were all those little beads for? Why the shredded paper in a little bowl? So many questions…
Being led by the teacher’s instructions to silently wander the classroom and observe some of the areas that were highlighted, I was immediately taken aback by the high level of skills needed to engage with many of the activities.
When the time came to actually participate in the activities, some for which the directions were explicitly written out and some which required a teacher tutorial, a few things became immediately apparent. First, how many of the detail-oriented skills in the CASA centres are teaching our children real-world skills. Second, no matter how abstract the concept (ie. young children learning to divide), the CASA teachers break down the concepts into age-appropriate lessons and directions. Third, the warm and inviting environment within the classrooms. And lastly, how lucky we are to have our children attending this amazing school with such gifted teachers!
Thanks to all the CASA teachers and Tiffany for a truly inspiring night!