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Inspiring a life-long love of learning in children.

The North Star Difference During Covid-19

Our approach combines educational excellence with practical flexibility.


Infant & Toddler

Ages 2 months to 3 years


Ages 3 to 6 years

Extended-Day Kindergarten

Ages 5 to 6 years


Ages 6 to 12 years

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There are no Open Houses scheduled at this time. Please call us at 604.980.1205 for further information.

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The Montessori Philosophy

A Montessori education is built on the foundation of learning, understanding, growth and respect. It fosters independent, self-motivated, and goal-directed children with a lifelong love of learning by supporting each individual’s natural development.

We are committed to meeting the unique developmental needs of each child to ensure they learn in meaningful ways, grow into competent learners, and are prepared for the life ahead of them.

A North Star Guide for Prospective Parents

Our Parent Guide has much more information you will want to know about your child’s Montessori education. View details about North Star Montessori, admissions, programs, and more.


We value the supervision, individual attention and the nurturing environment North Star offers, as well as the willingness of the staff to work with us to reinforce appropriate social behaviour. The values of the Montessori Method are incredible. I feel good leaving my child in the morning knowing she will be safe and not exposed to most of the negative situations of public school.

As an alternative private school, North Star Montessori allows our child to retain her uniqueness and talents while acquiring knowledge about herself, others and the world around her. Education is not only about lessons for the mind but for the whole being.

Our daughter was with North Star from Kindergarten through Year 6 of the elementary program. Her voice was heard and she was respected by students and staff. The Montessori philosophy and teachings are a big part of that.