I often hear parents criticizing themselves on their parenting styles and commenting that they ‘don’t know why they do this or that’.  Below is a self-reflection exercise from Maren Schmidt’s, Peaceful Parenting Newsletter that, if done honestly, will be sure to enlighten you and hopefully give you something you can be ‘thankful’ for this Thanksgiving- a chance to be the parent you want to be!  Each day is a new day:  Be aware, but be gentle on yourselves.  Parenting IS the toughest job!


October 2012 Online Peaceful Parenting Newsletter


Do you know where most of your common parenting practices come from? Chances are good that what you do as a parent today can be traced back to what your own parents did when they parented you. So much of what we do and believe in life is directly related to what our own parents did and believed. This idea can be relieving and calming for some. For others this can be an unhappy and unsettling realization. This job of parenting has no specific instructions or guidelines. The Peaceful Parenting notion states that both you and your children are born with genetic instructions driving your behaviors. Knowing and following these instructions can help. But mostly what we do as parents started way back when we were children. We watched our parents and often are now duplicating those very same practices.

How did your parents parent you? Make a list of all those practices that you remember. Once you have made your list, can you choose those that you admired, the ones that helped you? Are you following these same practices? Are there some things that your own parents did that are not part of your parenting routine? Any that you would like to begin incorporating? Make a plan to do so. 
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